Realtors apply online and can be approved immediately for advance payments up to 180 days before the scheduled closing date - delivered within 24 hours at no risk to the broker!

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Broker FAQ

Will CB4C distribute or sell my personal information?

Absolutely not. We fully respect your privacy. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

What is my liability should an advanced deal not close?

After a purchase contract has been signed, precedence says that 98% of residential sales close on schedule. But, in the event that the transaction fails to close, or in the event that there is insufficient funds on closing to pay the commission in full, the Broker is NOT liable for the payment of the commission. CB4C gives the Registered Realtor 60 days from the original closing date to repay the full amount of the commission purchased. Or, if they prefer, they can choose to replace the outstanding amount with the proceeds of future sales.

Do I have control as to when my Realtors may receive an advance?

The answer is Yes. As the Brokerage, you are entitled to all earned commissions. No Realtor in your firm will receive an advance without your prior written consent. Just Register with us today and your Realtors can start applying for their advances.

How can I benefit from CommissionsB4Closing’s (CB4C’s) services?

You are constantly faced with the decision as to provide commission advances to your Realtors. CB4C offers a service that is of No Risk to you. By Registering with us today you are able to satisfy your Realtors while avoiding any personal liability.

As a broker, what are my risks?

If a deal does not close, the broker is not financially responsible. Payment of funds is resolved through future sales by the realtor.

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