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Realtor FAQ

Will CB4C distribute or sell my personal information?

Absolutely not. We fully respect your privacy. Click here to view our Privacy Policy.

Why is Noon Eastern Standard Time the cut-off for funds transfer?

This time is set by the bank. They need time to process the money through their system and we need time to process the deal through our system in order to meet their deadline. Please do not leave it to the last minute as we cannot make exceptions.

What if my deal fails to close?

After a purchase contract has been signed, precedence says that 98% of residential sales close on schedule. But if a sale does fall through, CB4C gives you 60 days from the original closing date to repay the full amount of the commission purchased. Or, if you prefer, you can choose to replace the outstanding amount with the proceeds of future sales.

What if my deal does not close on time?

After a purchase contract has been signed, precedence says that 98% of residential sales close on schedule. But, if a sale does not close on time and exceeds 10 days from the closing date, the deal may be subject to an additional fee.

Is there a Reserve Fee?

CB4C has no Reserve Fee. A small additional fee may be applicable in the event that CB4C does not receive the advance commission within 10 days of the closing date.

Is there a minimum charge for smaller or shorter advances?

Our minimum Advance Amount is $2,500 over a minimum 15 day closing period. Use our Advance Calculator to determine your net advance.

What supporting material do I need to send CB4C before I receive my advance?

  1. A copy of your purchase and sale agreement including any waivers and amendments.
  2. A completed and signed Trade Record Sheet for this transaction.
  3. A copy of a void cheque if you require Direct Deposit services.
  4. A completed and signed CB4C Commission Advance Agreement.

Does my broker need to be registered before I can apply for a commission advance?

Yes. In order for you to complete your application, your broker must be registered in our database. This can be done by either asking your broker to register online or by calling us toll free at 1.905.629.8555 and requesting a “Broker Sign Up” form .

Do I need an account to apply for a commission advance?

Yes, but that’s easy enough to do. Just click register to go to our online registration form.

How do I receive my advance from CB4C?

Once approved, we will be happy to either mail your cheque or direct deposit your advance into your personal bank account.

When can I apply to receive an advance in my commission?

As soon as you have an accepted purchase and sales agreement for a single-family residential property, town home or resale condominium, CommissionsB4Closing (CB4C) will advance up to 100% of your earned commissions. Investment transactions are acceptable providing they are residential in nature.

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